Optimization is one of my favorite words.  I use it to describe how I would like to handle the important parts of my business.  I want to optimize productivity levels and optimize my cash flow.  I also would like to optimize my supply chain.  In mainstream conversations, optimization may be an appropriate word to describe how you want to achieve the best possible performance of a task.  Technically speaking, when it comes to managing a supply chain, experimental algorithms are a more appropriate way to address transportation management.

Before our current 24/7, ‘always on’, marketplace, transportation planning was a little easier.  You might bring out the map, look to where deliveries are heading, and tell your drivers which way to go.  Today, however, is a whole new era with multitudes of deliveries being made across our country and even globally.  Adding to the complexity of moving goods is the manner in which products are packaged and shipped.  Elements like load planning and route planning can make a big difference on how much it costs you to deliver products to your customers.  In addition, customers may have their own delivery preferences regarding how, when, and where their products are delivered.  While you want to optimize your shipments, not all shipments are created equal, and as a result an optimization algorithm isn’t going to work.

A suitable transportation management system will use an experimental algorithm which involves all of the various, ever-changing elements you need to consider when delivering goods to customers.  It’s all these little details that can save you money, or cost you more, as well as impact customer satisfaction.  The TRAX advanced transportation management module for Microsoft Dynamics® AX can give you both the control and the insight you need to optimize the delivery of your products.  This powerful solution integrates with Warehousing for AX and the Supplier Management solution providing you with a centralized location for shipment planning.  You can control planning from this single solution, whether you have a single warehouse or several.  Manage inbound and outbound shipments, bulk or multi-shipments, routing and constraint-based routing, driver logs, dock scheduling, proof of delivery, claims management, and so much more.

A lot of planning goes into each of the shipments that you order each and every day.  While your transportation management software may be using experimental algorithms, you can use this technology to optimize your supply chain operations.  Contact Blue Horseshoe for more information about TRAX for Microsoft Dynamics AX and optimizing supply chain operations or download our infographic to learn more ways to optimize your supply chain.

By Blue Horseshoe, Your Supply Chain Trusted Advisor (http://bhsolutions.com/)