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Warehouse Cloud

ERP and Physical Inventory

Your cloud ERP tells you a lot about your inventory and helps you walk that tightrope between supply and demand. Understanding your current inventory helps optimize your working capital...

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5 Tips to Transform Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Remote-work. Telecommuting. WFH. Whatever you call it, your staff designated as non-essential workers are now probably doing it.   Working remotely does have its benefits. There’s a good...

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Supply Chain Warehouse Tips

Safeguard Your Warehouse Workforce

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges and opportunities for managing your warehouse and workforce. There’s a lot of uncertainty and employers are aggressively developing workforce...

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Warehouse Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

Planning Optimization in D365 2020 Wave 1 Release

Microsoft is rolling out a new master planning service as a part of the D365 2020 Wave 1 release. Planning Optimization helps companies manage their master planning executions, which...

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Warehouse Events Analytics

Ecommerce Operations Summit

The Ecommerce Operation Summit has been postponed. We will let you know as soon as the new dates are decided.  The Blue Horseshoe team will join more than 800 ecommerce professionals to...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Microsoft Power Platform

2020 Wave 1: Embedding Web Apps into D365

Microsoft is introducing a new feature that allows you to embed web apps into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance user interface. As part of Dynamics 2020 Wave 1 release, this new...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform & Accounts Payable

There’s a faster, more accurate way to get data from PDF invoices into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, you'll save time managing the accounts payable process...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Events Microsoft Power Platform

Must See Sessions of Summit Europe 2020

Heading to Community Summit Europe in Barcelona this year? Our supply chain experts are sharing the secrets behind successful digital transformation. Stop by and learn about the Blue...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Events Microsoft Power Platform

Summit Europe 2020

Join the Blue Horseshoe team at Community Summit Europe in Barcelona, 29 June - 2 July. You can learn more about the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud, the power of analytics, and how to...

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Warehouse Events Analytics Manufacturing

MODEX 2020

Join us at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, March 9 - 12. The Blue Horseshoe team will be at this supply chain industry event to share information about the data driven warehouse, as well as...

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