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Configuring an RF Gun to work on a new Wifi Network

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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You have purchased RF guns and are ready to access your data from anywhere. However, you realize that the RF gun is not configured to your Wifi connection. Here are the steps to configure your Motorola RF Gun to a new Wifi Connection. The steps may vary by model, but should will conform to these general guidelines.

1. Click the Start Menu on the Main Screen:


Pic 1

2. Scroll through the Start Menu options until you get to “Wireless Companion” (Its quite a bit down, near the end)


Pic 2

3. In Wireless Companion Click “Wireless Configurations”


Pic 3

4. From here, to add a new network click “Find WLANs”. If you need to delete or change existing profiles, go into “Manage Profiles.”


Pic 4


5. In the “Find Profile” screen you will see a list of all available networks. Use the stylus to click and hold down on the network you need to set up and you will see the context menu to “Create Profile”. Click that option.


Pic 5


6. Here we start the set up. Just Click Next at this screen.


Pic 6


7. Just click next here.


Pic 7

8. If the network has a network key to enter you will likely need to make sure WPA2-Personal is selected here. That is the default setting. Check with your network administrator to confirm this is the correct authentication setting.


Pic 8

9. Just click next here.


Pic 9


10. You will likely need to change this from Hexadecimal to pass-phrase. Then click next.


Pic 10

11. If the network will obtain its IP settings automatically, leave these setting alone. Otherwise uncheck them and enter a static IP address and other settings.


Pic 11

12. Just click next here.


Pic 12

13. Just Click Next here.


Pic 13


That’s all there is. The device will connect now. If you need to change which wireless network the device is connecting to, go back to the “Find WLANs” option seen in step 4 and 5 to connect to a specific profile already set up.

If you have questions about configuring an RF Gun to work on a new Wifi networkcontact us. 

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