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Connecting to a Mirrored SQL Server Instance Not Supported

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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When using Microsoft Dynamics AX, you  installed Management Reporter (MR) CU14 or higher you might see an error in MR with the text “Connecting to a mirrored SQL Server instance using the ApplicationIntent ReadOnly connection option is not supported.” Even worst you see MR do something like this:

Blog Image 1



Management Reporter is redirecting to a “Read only” part of the database by SQL. This is based on the Application Intent property, or lack thereof. Thankfully there is an easy resolution.


  1. Stop the MR services
  2. Navigate to the MR Service folder
    1. \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\Server\Services
  3.  Open the MRServiceHost.settings.config
  4. Add the key below. Make sure it is set to false:
    1. <add key=”SetApplicationIntentReadOnly” value=”false” />
  5. Restart the MR services
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