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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

Guiding businesses through their digital transformation journey

Many wholesalers are aware of how software can impact specific business areas. For example, they are using one system for HR, another for sales, customer service is on another platform, and supply chain using another yet another system. The teams have the functionality to get their day-to-day jobs done, but they don't have a holistic view of their business.

Connecting Your Business

Gross margin, operating expenses, and working capital are vital stats that help define a wholesaler's financial health. Wholesalers indicate the need for more clarity around the numbers. They want to dig deeper into their costs, and are interested in predictive analytics, and machine learning.

It's all about the data but getting at these numbers is often complex for wholesale companies. Why? Because most companies have siloed, incomplete data across disconnected systems.

D365FO serves as a foundational hub to make data a central piece of the business, since all the data is housed in one place. With recent enhancements and future functionality on the roadmap, wholesalers should consider moving from stand-alone point solutions to D365FO to manage more business functions – and their data. This includes more robust financial management capabilities and supply chain functions.

When a business uses D365FO to manage both finance and supply chain functions, the business users have immediate access to information like production times, shipping status, and final delivery dates. Arming your customer service employees with this type of information creates a better customer experience while offering the business more insight into what products your customers are receiving and when.

From eliminating siloed data to improving customer service, D365FO benefits your entire company. It connects your departments and gives you clarity on all aspects of your business.

If you want to learn how D365FO can provide you with a more holistic view of your business, please reach out to us.

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