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Contextual Email in D365 Sales Wave 2 Release

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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Microsoft is adding contextual email communication to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. As one of the top customer requests, contextual email is part of D365’s 2019 wave 2 release plan.

Sales professionals will find a streamlined user experience in the October 2019 release. Prior to this release, users relied on D365's “set regarding” feature in Outlook to link incoming or outgoing email to a lead, contact, account, or opportunity. The user would then use hyperlinks to launch D365 for Sales from the email.


Contextual Email Communication

In the wave 2 D365 release, contextual email communication adds a rich layer of capabilities to enhance the user experience and improve process adoption among teams. 

By setting up Outlook to open in a rich text editor and pop-up non-blocking window, sales professionals will be able to create their email while simultaneously accessing templates for commonly used communication formats, relevant content materials, and attachments.  

This wave 2 release includes the ability to have several email drafts open at the same time to coordinate messaging across several recipients and specific templates.  

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