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D365 for Finance 2021 Wave 1: Cash Forecasting

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Sabrina Wooters, Solutions Architect
Sabrina Wooters, Solutions Architect

Guiding businesses through D365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance is launching multiple features as part of its 2021 wave 1 release to help financial leaders better understand cash forecasts.

Earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 provided limited configuration that aligned ERP system with what was happening in practice. Now, Microsoft D365 gives you the ability to bring in additional data sources plus tools within Azure Machine Learning and AI. With these new features, you’ll have the ability to get real-time insights into your company’s cash position.

Customer Payment Predictions

Customer payment predictions is a configurable module in D365 Finance that accurately and intelligently predicts your company’s cash flow. Knowing when outstanding invoices are likely to be paid and predicting when specific invoices may be paid helps your business optimize collection activities.

Customer payment predictions help answer and respond constructively to the following questions:

  • When will an invoice or sales order be paid?

  • Which customers will pay on time or late?

  • What invoices or orders will they pay?

External Data for Cash Flow Forecasting

Adding additional data for cash flow forecasting in D365 Finance gives you the option to enter or import external data into the cash flow forecasts. This new feature will help improve accuracy by including broader data sets in the machine learning prediction model.

In the D365 Finance release, you can import external data from the supporting system into the cash flow engine to improve cash flow forecasting accuracy. With more information sources, you’ll have the ability to forecast cash flows by including external sources more accurately.

Cash Flow Forecasting – Project Integration

If you’re using the project forecast model, D365 Finance will now integrate with cash flow forecasting for project management. Projects can significantly impact cash outlay, so adding project management to the cash flow forecasting is helpful to the management team.

Forecast Bank Balance Microsoft is adding more forecasting capabilities to D365 Finance. The bank balance forecast helps treasurers more accurately understand the availability of funds at specific times. Forecasts of bank balance will be based on recurring activities and information from customer payment and vendor payments.

These new features give financial teams the ability to analyze upcoming cash flow and currency requirements so that it’s easier to estimate the company’s future needs for cash. This helps companies reduce risk, supports, and assists with planning for future growth and builds investor confidence.

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These new features and capabilities enhance existing functionality to streamline the D365 Finance users’ business processes and user experience and are part of the Microsoft D365 2021 wave 1 release.

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