Microsoft D365 2021 Wave 1: B2B eCommerce


Since the launch of D365 Commerce, B2B e-commerce leaders have asked for solutions that meet their unique needs. Microsoft heard the call and is adding functionality to use D365 Commerce as their e-commerce solution.

In the D365 2021 wave 1 release, Microsoft integrates B2B and B2C e-commerce functionality into a single commerce platform. It brings together merchandising and site management capabilities that support multiple business models. D365 Commerce gives B2B companies a native solution to the D365 platform, allowing IT leaders to streamline configuration with other Dynamics applications.

New B2B Features Include:

  • Business partner onboarding

  • Order templates

  • Quantity thresholds (minimum, maximum, multiple)

  • On account payment method

  • Salesperson for business partner

  • Handling of customer deposits

  • Account statement and invoice printing

  • Payment of sales invoice

  • Quick order entry

  • Dynamics 365 Sales integration

  • Return order and return merchandise authorization (RMA)

  • Order cancellation

  • Matrix control for order entry

Allowing B2B customers to pay on the account is crucial for the B2B e-commerce solution. D365 Commerce will enable customers to buy within their pre-set credit limits. Invoices generate after the order is placed, and the customer can pay those directly from the storefront with a credit card.

Order templates allow users who may buy many of the same items during each order to have preconfigured lists of items they want to add to their cart. They can also access a quick order entry screen to make adjustments to quantities and SKUs they're purchasing. 

D365 Commerce

D365 Commerce gives B2B and B2C companies a single unified solution that includes unified merchandising and site management capabilities. Learn more about the new features Microsoft is adding to D365 Commerce and see the new functionality in the D365 Wave 1 release.

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Devin Kitterman is a Solutions Architect with a deep understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and other solutions. His expertise in the retail industry helps him empower businesses with best-fit solutions to meet all their unique business needs.

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