Expand Microsoft Dynamics ROI with Client Account Services



Have you made the leap to the cloud with Dynamics 365? Do you have the need for technical assistance, functional training or system configuration and testing to fully leverage your investment?  

With the ever-changing technological advancements the cloud offers, organizations are finding it difficult to quickly identify and capture ROI with their newly implemented systems. 

Blue Horseshoe recognizes these challenges and has launched the Client Account Services program.  This program helps organizations better manage their business by leveraging the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, and other supply chain and business applications. 

Client Account Services allows Blue Horseshoe to work alongside your team while designing, testing, launching, and maintaining your key systems. This process allows your team to use Blue Horseshoe experts to:

  • identify areas for increased ROI 
  • provide ongoing skilled technical and functional system support 
  • grow insight into your business  
  • scale and grow your organization’s use of D365 

Blue Horseshoe Client Account Services


“This is truly an outgrowth of our BluePrint implementation methodology,” explains Brian Cason, COO at Blue Horseshoe. “As a result of the BluePrint process, our team gains a deep understanding of your business, processes, and people allowing more efficient and effective use and growth of their D365 system. We often find clients are looking for ongoing, focused guidance and assistance with their systems after go-live.”  

Client Account Services provides businesses with a dedicated account manager. Think of the account manager as a Dynamics Sherpa. This person will help expand system use, provide recommendations specific to the business’ operations, and serve as a guide to using Dynamics to grow your business while improving supply chain operations.    

In addition to the account manager, businesses enrolled in Blue Horseshoe’s Client Account Services have access to:

  • The Communication Hub. This online portal serves as a direct link to additional education info, product release updates, and 24/7 access for support ticket creation and management.  
  • Continuing Education Classes. Hosted quarterly, businesses will receive four seats to classes that will provide best practices and how-to tips. Additional seats can be purchased as needed at a discount. Business not enrolled in Client Account Services can participate in these classes for the list registration fee. 
  • Support Services. Sometimes, issues pop up. Client Account Services provides guaranteed response times, consistent resources and points of contact to resolve active issues. 

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Mike spent the last 24 years of his career connecting people with solutions that can change their business. He focuses on developing and expanding relationships in the Microsoft, NetSuite, and Boomi ecosystem by helping partners and customers find the right industry solutions. This problem-first approach helped Blue Horseshoe grow to become one of the leading supply chain partners.

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