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D365 April 2019 Release Brings Advanced Warehousing 

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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The April 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers new warehousing capabilities to help companies better manage their supply chains. Licensed through Blue Horseshoe, this upgraded functionality is now part of D365’s base code.

“This is the first D365 release that includes Blue Horseshoe’s advanced supply chain capabilities recently licensed by Microsoft,” says John Foster, CTO at Blue Horseshoe. “Over the next few months, you’ll see more than 30 additional features available including label printing during wave and more.”Catch weight and unit of measure conversion by variant are two of the key features of the April 2019 release of the advanced warehousing module.

Catch Weight 

Industries can now manage catch weight products within warehouse management processes.

Catch weight is often used in industries like food processing and chemical manufacturing, where products vary be weight and size.With catch weight items you can now handle business scenarios where items are ordered by a piece unit and invoiced by weight, volume, or area of the item.

During the inbound and outbound operation, where weight is most relevant, users will be able to capture the weight in multiple ways.Catch weight does require product-specific setup. This includes configuring a unit sequence group where the catch weight is defined as the lowest SKU and setting up the item handling policy.

Unit of Measure Conversion by Variant

This feature supports warehousing operations that have variable product dimensions or pack
configurations at the product variant level.

Here’s an example from Microsoft using a product variant:

You can use product variants to create variations of a product instead of creating several  individual products that have to be maintained. A product variant could, for example, be a t-shirt of a given size and color. So far, it has only been possible to set up the unit conversion on the product master, so all the product variants had the same unit conversion rules. If the t-shirts, for example, are sold in boxes, and the number of t-shirts that can be packed in a box depends on the size of the t-shirts, then this new feature can be used to set up the unit conversions between the different shirt sizes and the boxes used for packaging.

More for warehousing & distribution in future releases

D365’s Advanced Warehousing module features functionality critical to meeting the unique requirements of consumer packaged goods (CPG), food & beverage, retail, and distribution and logistics customers. Additional features included in the Blue Horseshoe/Microsoft licensing agreement are:

  • Put-to-wall operations and put-to-store flow for retailers
  • High volume replenishment slotting planning
  • Efficient receive and sort for inbound operations
  • Master pallet packing for nesting containers
  • Carrier selection/assignment during the wave
  • Material Handling Equipment Integration
  • Retail store pack and ship operations

Early Access Preview Available February 1

Microsoft is enabling features as a preview for users to try out in a non-production environment
with general availability set for April 5.

If you have questions about the new warehouse features and how to implement them at your organization, contact us. 

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