D365 Wave 2: Outbound Sorting and Pallet Building


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Warehousing capabilities are getting a big upgrade in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 wave 2 release. This includes functionality to help ensure you have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

D365 wave 2 brings process-driven features that help streamline outbound sorting.

The pallet building functionality added to D365 wave 2 gives you more control over the outbound pallet building process. Prior to the wave 2 release, you had to build containers during the wave. This upfront process had the potential of creating problems at the pack station. If the product dimensions were off or the operational processes were not accurate, you could have a delayed shipment.

Flexible Pallet Building

D365 Wave 2 enhancements allow you to build a pallet after packing. This functionality gives you more control over the packing process, when it’s done, and then sending it to sorting locations for palletization.

Various configs are required to setup pallet building functionality. For instance, a new location type and location profiles are required to create new sorting locations. These tie to warehouse parameters and outbound sorting templates. A new container closing profile as well as an associated packing profile are required as well.

Pallet building in D365


Ultimately, after packing, this results in outbound sorting position assignments.

D365 Supply Chain Outbound Sorting

Once pallet building is done, there are final steps to generate and complete work. This includes creating a new mobile device menu item, location directive, and work template. 

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