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3 Ways D365 Digitally Transforms Your Manufacturing Business

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

Guiding businesses through their digital transformation journey

Your manufacturing business isn't just known as the "product producer" anymore. With the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rapidly advancing technology, manufacturers have become the glue that holds together the entire life-cycle of the product.

To keep up in this new role, digital transformation is inevitable. Technology enables you to innovate, keep up with growing demands, be flexible to quick market changes, and fully connect your business.

1. Elimination of Siloed Data

Connected, modern platforms, like Dynamics 365, provide holistic views of your entire enterprise. It unifies your organization's data to provide a seamless user experience.

Digital Feedback Loops

When using business application platforms to create systems of intelligence, digital feedback loops are created. These feedback loops capture data as a digital signal, apply intelligence that connects and synthesizes the data, then recommends and action to be taken. In some cases you can even tell the system to take actions automatically.

Correctly leveraging digital feedback loops benefit all aspects of your business. Here are 4 of the ways it improves your data strategy:

Loop Graphic

Customer data - used to understand exactly what your customer wants and how to engage with them based on their interests and needs

Product data - shows how your product is being used, how to optimize it, and what product offering will meet consumer demands

Operational data - helps with forecasting, inventory management, and supply chain optimization


2. Increased Floor Productivity

In a world full of advancing new technology, it only makes sense to empower your employees with it. D365FO provides the right employees with the right information.

Having access to real-time data gives your employees the insight necessary to optimize processes and make faster and more informed decisions. With growing customer demand, boosting productivity becomes a necessity to meet your goals.

Having connected assets across your enterprise also helps everyone have more visibility and make better decisions to boost floor productivity.

3. More Flexibility

There are so many factors that affect consumer demand. From seasonality to competitor pricing, you never know what will change the demand for your products and services.

You want to have a platform that forecasts demand and gives you enough insight to make quick changes to your business. It also should have anytime access from any device allowing you to make important changes exactly when you need to.

D365's intelligent end-to-end applications let you receive data and make changes from marketing & customer service all the way to operations and finance. This flexibility allows you to truly digitally transform across your business.

Achieve Your Goals

Every business wants to grow, increase productivity, and make more money but its the unique goals that set you apart from other businesses. Dynamics 365 helps you meet your goals by offering a flexible platform that meets the needs of any size company and industry. It drives new innovations, connects your enterprise and increases productivity.

Want to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 will digitally transform your business? Reach out to us.


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