Blue Horseshoe Sponsors Ecommerce Operations Summit


Blue Horseshoe is sponsoring Ecommerce Operations Summit to help you learn how data fuels the modern supply chain. Join us August 17 - 18 in Nashville to get tips on how to optimize your supply chain, see demos of the latest mobile warehouse technology, and learn supply chain and e-commerce fulfillment best practices.

Ecommerce Operations Summit 

Where: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center; Nashville, TN

When: August 17 - 18, 2021

Booth: 105

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What's Happing in Booth 105

Blue Horseshoe teamed up with Zebra Technologies to offer the world’s leading mobile workflow and data capture solutions. Head to our booth to see some of these devices and learn how they can help you increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in every business process. 

Outdated devices? With the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, you’ll save up to $250 per device when you trade-in qualifying legacy devices and purchase next-generation Zebra mobile computers, printers, and barcode scanners. Learn more in our booth or set up a virtual meeting.

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Data Fuels the Modern Supply Chain

In today's fast-paced market, data is the key to a successful business. It gives you more visibility into your supply chain and provides actionable insights for your business. Stop by the booth to talk with an expert about how to optimize your supply chain strategy and help your business stay flexible and plan for the future. 

Growler Giveaway!

Blue Horseshoe is giving away some of our infamous growlers! Head to booth 105 and ask how you can win!

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Balancing Workforce and Automation in a Disruptive Time

Tuesday, August 17; 10:30 am – 11:15 pm in Tennessee Ballroom D/E 

Ecommerce fulfillment operations are being challenged to attract and retain adequate labor to meet fluctuating demands. Market conditions, including unemployment benefits and stimulus payments, as well as COVID fears, are dis-incenting many who would normally work as floor associates. Rising wages and fierce competition are additional headwinds. This has led to a surge in the adoption of automation and robotics to fight against “labor dependency.” But how do you strike the right balance? How much automation, and what kinds to invest in, and how much labor do you need? This session will address the factors involved in this important calculus. 
You will learn: 

  • About the unsustainability of throwing more labor at the problem
  • How automation can help you level out variations in throughput
  • How the ROI calculus of automation and robotics is changing
  • The evolving nature of the automation/workforce equation 


  • Ryan Zelnis, Consulting Manager, Blue Horseshoe 
  • Scott Hennie, President, MH Engineered Solutions 
  • Douglas Smith, Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics, Boot Barn 
  • Steve Reade, Director of Distribution, DSW 
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Mike spent the last 24 years of his career connecting people with solutions that can change their business. He focuses on developing and expanding relationships in the Microsoft, NetSuite, and Boomi ecosystem by helping partners and customers find the right industry solutions. This problem-first approach helped Blue Horseshoe grow to become one of the leading supply chain partners.

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