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Configuring WMS License Plates to be GS1-Compliant in 2012 R3

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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If you're looking for a simple solution to generating a unique, globally-compliant code per shipped handling unit, you’re in the right place! Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 functionality allows your company to configure the License Plate inventory dimension, used in Warehouse Management, to be GS1-compliant.

When inventory is picked, packed, and shipped, the License Plate becomes a unique identifier of its structure. These unique codes are typically printed on shipment tracking labels and are utilized by the recipient to identify the contents of the containers. Formatting the License Plates to be GS1-compliant allows you to adhere to the globally-accepted standard for capturing and sharing supply chain data.

License Plate Configurations

The following configurations are required in order for the WMS License Plate functionality to capture the GS1-compliant information.

  • Unit Sequence Groups
  • Warehouse Management Parameters
  • Number Sequences

GS1-Compliant Number Sequence Format

The standard WMS License Plate functionality is utilized to create the GS1-compliant codes since it includes the required components for the appropriate number sequence format.

Unit Sequence Groups

Access: Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse setup > Unit sequence groups

The Packaging Type defaults to “0” for each handling unit in the WMS Unit sequence group. For all defined sequences that include a pallet handling unit, the “License plate packing type” field is updated to “1” for the pallet unit.

Warehouse Management Parameters

Access: Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse management parameters – General tab

Your GS1 company prefix is defined in the Warehouse management parameters per legal entity.

Number Sequences

Access: Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse management parameters – Number sequences tab

Configure the License Plate number sequence to be non-continuous and include a single, alphanumeric segment that is 9 characters in length.


You may have noticed that the configurations above only address 17 characters of this 20-character code; that is correct! There will always be two leading zeroes to identify the application and a single, mod-10 check digit at the end.

If you have questions about configuring WMS License Plates to be GS1-Compliant in Dynamics AX 2012 R3contact us. 

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