Manhattan SCALE™: Supply Chain Built for Logistics Execution


Manhattan SCALE is a warehouse management system that gives you the features, functionality and technology you need to affordably solve your supply chain execution challenges. It allows you to fine tune internal operations, utilize resources more efficiently, streamline inventory, and create flawless order fulfillment.

Manhattan SCALE is built on Microsoft technology to allow for easy integrations with Microsoft Dynamics. It provides sophisticated logistic capabilities and rapid deployments using a highly configurable environment, an easy-to-use interface, and hassle-free upgrades.

SCALE Capabilities

  • Inventory Management
  • Picking Slot Replenishment
  • Distribution Optimization
  • Order Planning
  • Labor Management & Forecasting
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Billing Management
  • Radio-Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Management

Integrating SCALE with Dynamics AX

Blue Horseshoe designed MAAX to merge Manhattan SCALE with the powerful Enterprise System, Microsoft Dynamics AX. MAAX processes real-time data from multiple data sources and aggregates and consolidates this data to provide one view of all your data.

You do not have to log into a separate WMS or ERP to get the information you need. This allows you to manage your business through faster and better information and immediately impact your bottom line.

By integrating MAAX into your business, you are truly operating just one system. This integration closes the loop on the complete order lifecycle. From order & fulfillment to shipment & payment, your business processes are completely transparent and seamless.

Benefits of MAAX

  • Protects Investment
  • Continued Feature Functionality
  • Accountability
  • Single Source Provider
  • Direct Support
  • Global View
  • Inclusive Deployment
  • Reduce Cost
  • Decrease Overhead
  • Diminish Risk


Backed by Manhattan and Microsoft, Blue Horseshoe keeps your system up-to-date and fully supported. Should you need anything, Blue Horseshoe is your single source provider for support and service.

For more information about how MAAX can streamline your warehousing data and capabilities, please fill out the form below and our experts will be in touch.


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