IRCE 2018 Conference

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Mike Castelluccio, Partner Director

I connect people with solutions that will transform their business.


Blue Horseshoe is off to Chicago to participate in the IRCE Conference at McCormick Place West. IRCE is focused on bringing the latest technology to e-retail allowing you to stay ahead of your competition. Join us at Booth #229 to learn how Blue Horseshoe creates Supply Chain Solutions Built on Business Strategy as well as participate in our Apple Watch and Daily Growler Giveaway!

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Sessions To See

With over 130 sessions to choose from, this conference allows retailers to find a session that perfectly fits their businesses needs. Check out some of the sessions that we are excited about:

Warby-Parker, Specs & Shoppers: A Perfect Match Online and Off

Blue Horseshoe is looking forward to hearing Dave Gilboa, the Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker, talk about how his small company took off by skipping traditional distribution channels to cut costs and meet customer expectations. The company's impressive growth shows the importance of having a good supply chain model that stands out from the competition.

Too Fast? Too Slow? Industry Standards and Customer Expectations for Delivery

Dive into the minds of your consumers as this session walks you through the effects of speedy product delivery. This session is packed with research backed data about what delivery features make a real difference to buyers. With Blue Horseshoe solutions rooted in Supply Chain, we pride ourselves in staying up to date with how to get your products from source to consumer without out breaking the bank.

Trends and Dialog: What's Ahead for B2B E-Commerce

With new retail trends appearing every day, our company believes in the importance of staying up to date. This session uncovers the best ways to stay in the game by understanding new buyer habits and e-commerce growth. The audience will also have the chance to listen to a one-on-one interview with a successful B2B online seller and ask questions at the end.


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