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Manipulating Multiple Records in NetSuite

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Bill Conway, NetSuite Practice Lead

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You may already know that you can manipulate multiple records in NetSuite with CSV imports and mass updates. But, did you know there is a third option? And this option also gives you the ability to delete a record.  

By using inline editing within a saved search, you can update multiple items. This allows you to update massive sections of your results. With functionality like Excel, it’s easy to use and gets the job done quickly. 

The Blue Horseshoe NetSuite team is sharing an example from the Create Work Orders page. In this scenario, we created 500 work orders, in production, and now need to delete those records.

Here’s are the tips to use the “delete” command option that will save you hours of work. 

How To

  1. Create a saved search and enable Inline Editing. (For details on this visit the “Using Inline Editing” page in Help.) 

  2. In the results page, select the field you wish to update on the first record in the list.

3. Hold the shift key and select the item at the end of the group of line items that you wish to update with the same value. This will place a dotted line border around your selection.

4. Update the value of the first line item in your group and press the Enter key. All fields in the selected range have now been updated.  
5. You can use this method for checkboxes, drop down lists, free-form text fields and as mentioned before, deletion!  

This trick is great for small groups that do not warrant building a mass update or a CSV import. It also has more functionality than other possible methods. 

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