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U.S. Venture's Digital Transformation

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Mike Castelluccio, Partner Director

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Who doesn't love a good success story? And these stories feel even better when it's one of your customers.

The team at U.S. Venture has successfully turned their info-tech department from a small team focused on keeping the lights on to a guiding force behind the organization's digital transformation.

“In the last nine years we’ve made many changes to systems to be data-centric, modernizing the platform and building a foundation in which we can keep moving the needle forward,” Duening says, crediting U.S. Venture’s CEO and President John Schmidt for foresight and assistance from various strategic partners.“Blue Horseshoe has improved our ability to consistently report our financials across all organizations,” Duening says. “And it’s just the beginning of a journey that’s going to further streamline our operations.”

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