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Voice Directed Warehouse Equipment

Posted by Blue Horseshoe on Apr 25, 2011 12:06:04 PM

After yet another dramatically successful implementation, TransTech Consulting believes that Voice Directed Work is possibly the most flexible piece of equipment in the warehouse.

Voice technology has in many ways become the great chameleon of warehouse equipment.

Need something to dramatically improve case picking efficiencies?
Throw on a voice headset… because two hands are always better than one.

…What about a way to handle loose picking complexities?
Throw on a voice headset… Aside from hands-free benefits, you can incorporate a scanner to capture carton ID’s, serial numbers, or lengthy lot codes and if you need to verify the item you’re picking, just ask.  A full description of the item can be voiced into the headset for your convenience, and improved accuracy.

…What if we seem to have outgrown our WMS?
Throw on a voice headset and allow your voice system to fill in the gaps of a less than perfect WMS. While a quality WMS is vital to any highly efficient warehouse, installing a voice solution can in many cases fill those gaps in functionality that you thought required a new WMS. In fact, there are some companies that for some processes have skipped the WMS all together and opted to have their voice solution handle order waving, pick sequencing, and the like.

…and what about training?
Throw on a voice headset and see for yourself. In working with trainers you’ll hear estimates of 1-2 weeks to get comfortable and productive with standard RF equipment. With voice systems users can be up and running in minutes and fully productive in as little as a few hours. Industries that utilize a high degree of temporary labor cringe at the thought of constant turnover and training. With voice technology, training becomes a much simpler endeavor.

… But will my employees like it?
Human nature says “Yes”. Human beings tend to thrive on interaction. We perform better when we are able to interact with others. Research has found that when asked to interact with someone or in this case, some-thing, through listening and spoken responses, we remain sharper and more productive for longer periods of time.

Voice Technology will never load a pallet, count pieces, or seal a carton, it is contributing in big ways to gained efficiencies and flexibility across an ever broadening spectrum of critical processes in the warehouse at large.

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