Wineshipping Launches D365



“With a single system on Dynamics 365, we’ve streamlined operations significantly. We anticipate reducing operating costs by 15 to 20 percent and increasing productivity by 30 to 50 percent”, says Ravi Ramakrishnan, the Chief Technology Officer of Wineshipping. Wineshipping has been providing customers and retailers with direct wine shipments for 30 years.

They value “least exposure routing” where wine is kept in a carrier for no more than 2 to 3 days at precise temperatures and humidity levels. With these specifications, it is important to have accuracy at every step of the supply chain. As the company continued to grow, having separate finance and warehousing systems made it difficult to easily manage data.

By launching Dynamics 365, Wineshipping increased efficiency and now houses data in one place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Focus on Goals, Not IT Infrastructure

D365 allows Wineshipping to focus more on its goals and less on managing IT infrastructure. Blue Horseshoe had the opportunity to work closely with Wineshipping to deploy D365 in a manner that made sense for their business.

A Unified Platform Increases Efficiency

Having a single platform to house data, allows Wineshipping to pull information quickly for a variety of needs. D365 enables the company to quickly pull reports for financial obligations or locate the correct wine to fill an order. Ultimately, errors decrease and efficiency increases leaving Wineshipping with a better supply chain and customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

Previously, each Wineshipping warehouse was managed separately creating an inconsistent customer experience. D365 equips Wineshipping with a customer portal that gives them to access to all the information they need. The portal has features such as order placement, inventory visibility, order tracking and much more. “Our customers have been asking for a one-stop portal for years,” says Ramakrishnan. “So they’re really happy now.”

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