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Supply Chain Blue Horseshoe News Supply Chain Cloud

Inventory Optimization with Supply Chain Cloud

Blue Horseshoe Solutions is expanding the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud to help companies create productive and profitable order fulfillment strategies.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides Operations

How to Set Work Header Breaks in D365 Supply Chain

Dividing your warehouse work by zone or aisle is a picking technique that keeps your warehouse moving. Creating work by zone keeps a worker's activities focused on a specific area in...

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Supply Chain Analytics Microsoft Power Platform

Metrics that Matter with Power BI

The modern warehouse runs on data. Think of the systems you are using and the information each system is generating and collecting. Products scanned. Movement tracked. Every material...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Retail

Microsoft Adding More Fraud Protection to D365

Microsoft is adding new fraud protection features, including account protection and loss prevention, to Microsoft Dynamics 365. These new features are part of Microsoft’s D365 2020 Wave...

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Supply Chain Warehouse Analytics

Inventory Planning: Forecasting During Uncertainty

COVID-19 has unleashed unprecedented consumer demand and exposed fractures in the just-in-time supply chain model.

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Supply Chain Warehouse Cloud

ERP and Physical Inventory

Your cloud ERP tells you a lot about your inventory and helps you walk that tightrope between supply and demand. Understanding your current inventory helps optimize your working capital...

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Tips & Guides

5 Tips to Transform Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Remote-work. Telecommuting. WFH. Whatever you call it, your staff designated as non-essential workers are now probably doing it.   Working remotely does have its benefits. There’s a good...

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Warehouse Tips & Guides Operations

Safeguard Your Warehouse Workforce

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges and opportunities for managing your warehouse and workforce. There’s a lot of uncertainty and employers are aggressively developing workforce...

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Supply Chain Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

Planning Optimization in D365 2020 Wave 1 Release

Looking for 2020 Wave 2 info? Check it out here or keep reading to learn about what was released in 2020 Wave 1. Microsoft is rolling out a new master planning service as a part of the...

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Warehouse Events Analytics

Ecommerce Operations Summit

The Ecommerce Operation Summit has been postponed to September 9-10, 2020.  The Blue Horseshoe team will join more than 800 ecommerce professionals to share information about the data...

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