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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Releases D365 Wave 2 Plan 2019

The wave 2 release plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is set to deliver new capabilities to transform your business. The D365 release plan includes new capabilities across business...

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Supply Chain Microsoft Dynamics 365

Wholesalers Transform Their Business with Process Automation

The wholesale industry is facing rapid change. Mergers and acquisitions, product innovation, and the impact of B2C trends on the B2B space, have led wholesalers to feel increasing...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Manufacturing

3 Ways D365 Digitally Transforms Your Manufacturing Business

Your manufacturing business isn't just known as the "product producer" anymore. With the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rapidly advancing technology, manufacturers have...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blue Horseshoe News Microsoft Power Platform

Blue Horseshoe Awarded 2019/2020 Inner Circle

Blue Horseshoe has achieved the prestigious 2019/2020 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications. Inner Circle members have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering...

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Tips Data Cloud

4 Tips to Help You Migrate From Netezza

Netezza reached end-of-life support on July 1, 2019.  If you're still using Netezza for data warehousing and analytics, you need to look at your options before your stuck in a situation...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Manufacturing

Take on the Age of Uncertainty with These 3 Manufacturing Tips

Many fear the effects the Age of Uncertainty will have on manufacturers. With the rise of GDPR, changes in tariffs, and a variety of other regulations, it's hard for businesses to keep...

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Supply Chain Manufacturing

6 Things Manufacturers Should Know About the Evolving Workforce

It's no surprise that the Boomer generation is reaching retirement age. For most manufactures, this means the retirement of the majority of their workforce and a new generation taking...

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Supply Chain Warehouse Tips

Tips for Lot Controlled Warehouse Design

Summer is here and you’re busting out the sunscreen, packing up the cooler with snacks and heading to the beach. Know what I’m thinking about? The supply chain processes that went into...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are changing the way they design and build products. AI, digital twins, automation and so much more are driving innovation throughout...

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Supply Chain Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

What You Need to Know About the New Era of Manufacturing

Manufacturing has come a long way through the years. The Industrial Revolution began back in the late 18th century when power, machinery, and semi-skilled workers were combined. This...

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