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Supply Chain Supply Chain Cloud Operations

Transforming Your Business with the Supply Chain Cloud

About Supply Chain Cloud What limits your operations the most? Supply chain visibility. The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets &...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides Operations

Cluster Picking with D365 Supply Chain Management

Picking small parts, or piece orders, one at a time is often cumbersome and labor intensive. These inefficiencies are magnified when the picking path involves a...

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Blue Horseshoe News

Blue Horseshoe Announced as a Top Workplace

The Blue Horseshoe team is on a pretty amazing streak. For the 9th time, our Indianapolis location is recognized as on of the top places to work in central Indiana.

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Supply Chain Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides

Cycle Count Plans with D365

The average business spends between 25-35% of their operational budget on inventory costs. With so much working capital tied up in inventory, business leaders are adopting analytic tools...

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Blue Horseshoe News Manufacturing

B2B e4Commerce Essentials for Manufacturers and Distributors

Activate B2B sales channels by leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform  Fast-moving changes in buying patterns are driving manufacturers and distributors to reinvent their customers’...

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Warehouse Blue Horseshoe News Equipment

Blue Horseshoe Partners with Zebra Technologies

Meeting the needs of today’s on-demand economy requires better efficiency, more productivity, and increased accuracy in every business process. That’s why Blue Horseshoe is teaming up...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides Operations

D365 Supply Chain Inbound Inventory Quality Check

Quality management is an important part of making sure your inventory meets customer expectations. This begins with your warehouse team inspecting inbound inventory for damages and...

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NetSuite + Oracle Tips & Guides Finance

How to Extend NetSuite for Charge Based Billing

If you're sending invoices for services, you know the struggle of managing, analyzing, and billing projects. With different negotiated hourly rates, project milestones, and fixed...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides Operations

System Directed Picking with D365

Social distancing. It’s more than a good idea. It’s a must-have in your warehouse.

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Supply Chain Blue Horseshoe News Supply Chain Cloud

Expanded Integrations with Supply Chain Cloud

Blue Horseshoe Solutions is expanding the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud to help more businesses ship packages to customers directly from their ERP. With its enhanced shipping...

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