Microsoft Dynamics moves Poco Loco's Warehouse to the Future


Poco Loco’s Tex-Mex food products may travel the world, but the company is investing in making its food production environmentally friendly. With a business philosophy grounded in flexibility, minimum complexity, and greater speed, building a state-of-the-art food production and warehouse facility is another step forward in Poco Loco’s commitment to sustainability.

Creative architecture combined with climate-friendly food production perfectly describes Poco Loco’s fully automated high-bay warehouse. This stunning landmark in Roeselare, Belgium features innovative technology and the highest levels of warehouse automation.

Automation Within Facility:Poco Loco Logo

  • 44,000 pallet ASRS 
  • Multi level pallet conveyor 
  • Pallet lift system 
  • Pallet monorail 
  • Automated pallet bridge between facilities
  • Pallet OSR

Managing a Fully-Automated Facility with Microsoft Dynamics

Facilities with a high level of automation are usually managed with a special warehouse management system (WMS). Poco Loco wanted the ability to customize and innovate their operations, without creating the inconsistency of data across multiple, siloed systems that included their ERP and WMS.

To avoid fractured data and create “one version of the truth” for all their employees, Poco Loco selected Microsoft Dynamics with its built-in WMS/TMS capabilities.

Blue Horseshoe, architects of the Microsoft Dynamics warehousing and transportation modules, was selected as the supply chain partner to integrate the Poco Loco system with all the warehouse equipment and processes within the new facility.

Integrations Transform Operations

Poco Loco’s warehouse includes a sophisticated 44,000 pallet location ASRS, extensive multi-level conveyor systems, pallet monorail, and an automated bridge from the production facility to the warehouse.

To achieve the business goals and efficiently operate this facility, all automated warehousing systems need to communicate directly with Microsoft Dynamics. Some of the major system integrations includes interfacing with Egemin WCS, processing logic of interface messages, automating the transport of pallets throughout the facility by communicating directly with the conveyor systems, and integrating with the order storage & retrieval (OSR) automated goods to man station.

Project Success

Successfully launching on-time and on-budget, this project commenced the use of the high-bay distribution center by meeting all throughput targets. Since this project was completed, the new Microsoft Dynamics system has been responsible for planning, creating, and monitoring all warehouse activities. This includes directing over 2000 pallets a day through the facility, while bringing in almost 80% of the inventory directly from the production facility. This all takes place with only 20 warehouse workers on staff, and has also reduced the emissions of CO2 by over 1 tonne each day!

Power Platform

Mike spent the last 24 years of his career connecting people with solutions that can change their business. He focuses on developing and expanding relationships in the Microsoft, NetSuite, and Boomi ecosystem by helping partners and customers find the right industry solutions. This problem-first approach helped Blue Horseshoe grow to become one of the leading supply chain partners.

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