Power Platform & Accounts Payable


There’s a faster, more accurate way to get data from PDF invoices into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, you'll save time managing the accounts payable process and drastically improve data quality.

Your AP process may currently look like this:

  • Vendors send PDF invoices to a central email, like AP@mycompany.com
  • A person opens each attachment and reviews the information
  • And then enters information into D365

That’s a time-consuming process prone to data entry errors.  However, it’s a process ripe for automation.

Make Accounts Payable More Productive

Using the Microsoft Power Platform, the Blue Horseshoe team created a solution that extracts key information from a PDF document and pushes that data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 

How to Streamline the AP Process

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The Power Platform Increases Efficiencies

Microsoft Power PlatformThe Power Platform is a group of low code/no code tools that help you work smarter. The Power Platform centers on your information and helps you capture, share, and analyze your data.

The Microsoft Power Platform includes:

  • Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, helps you automate processes
  • Power Apps helps you build solutions
  • Power BI helps you analyze data

Take a look at more examples of how to use the Microsoft Power Platform to capture, share, and consume data.

The Power Platform: Data Distribution with Power Automate

For Blue Horseshoe’s internal evaluations, we used Power Automate to share the performance data. To collect the data, we chose to use Microsoft Forms. Forms is a straightforward way to collect surveys, like a self-evaluation. Read more. 

Power Apps & Power BI: The Blue Pong Experience

The Blue Horseshoe team created a real-time leader board for our trade show game, Blue Pong. This leader board tracked everything from individual score, distribution of made shots, as well as performance comparisons of left and right-handed players. Read more. 

Nick Leuthold is a Solutions Architect with a knack for optimizing data so the right people have the right data at the right time. His extensive knowledge of Microsoft Power Platform allows him to advise businesses on how to create smarter analytics for better business processes.

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