How to Get a Rate for Multiple Segments of a Load in AX 2012


The Routing functionality, in the Transportation Management module of Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3, allows you to add multiple segment ratings to a load. Imagine if you have a load that first needs to travel across the ocean on one mode of transportation, and then take a train from the port to the actual city, and then a truck to the final location. That’s three different segments/carriers, all which need a rate to go towards the load.

Routing Functionality 

  • Basic Setup
    • Hub and Hub Master – Hubs specify stopping points for routes and the Hub Master ties the information for the hubs together for rating purposes
    • Routing Guide – A predefined set of criteria that the system uses to define the Route Plan for the given load
    • Route Plan – The segmented route that is chosen based on the Routing Guide. This ties each segment to a specific carrier from start to finish for the Route.
  • Getting a Route from the Rate Route Workbench
    • Using the Rate Route Workbench, view just the route for an order using the Route button. This will return the route based on the Route Plan that is chosen and shows you what carriers are used for each segment.
  • Getting a Route and a Rate from the Rate Route Workbench
    • To get an actual Rate for the segments, use the Route w/ Rate option. This will not only return the route based on the Route Plan, but also the rate for each of the segments along with any accessorials tied to the carriers.

Here are some examples:

Hub Master

Hub Master Screenshot

Route Guide

Route Guide Screenshot

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