Microsoft Adding More Fraud Protection to D365


Microsoft is adding new fraud protection features, including account protection and loss prevention, to Microsoft Dynamics 365. These new features are part of Microsoft’s D365 2020 Wave 1 release and will be supported by Dynamics 365 Commerce integration with fraud management.

D365’s new fraud protection functionality is good news for both ecommerce and brick and mortar retailers looking to:

  • Drive down fraud loss
  • Increase bank acceptance rates

If you’re already familiar with D365’s fraud tools, you’ll find the new features don’t require the same level of user maintenance and training to build and maintain how fraud events are managed. You will also have access to more intuitive and dynamic configurations plus there’s less day-to-day oversight. 

Fraud Features Leverage AI

Microsoft’s fraud protection technology stack connects data across multiple lines of business. By leveraging artificial intelligence, fraud management can provide more accurate decisions in real time.

Microsoft enables retail customers to make insightful decisions to combat fraud in their various channels through three user experiences: 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection: Diagnose. Evaluate. Protect.

Source: Microsoft

These experiences enable retailers to gain insight into past and present fraud issues, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of their current fraud protection solution and customize business rules to make insightful transaction decisions.

Advanced Fraud Capabilities in D365

Fraud protection gives retailers the ability to protect their businesses from fraud through several advanced capabilities. These include:

  • AI and insights from fraud protection network
  • Device fingerprinting
  • A rules engine and virtual fraud analyst
  • A graph explorer and scorecard
  • A transaction acceptance booster

Microsoft’s investment in fraud prevention tools will give both online and brick and mortar stores more protection. Additional features include: 

Microsoft D365 fraud protection capabilities: purchase protection, account protection, and loss prevention

Source: Microsoft
  • Purchase Protection: Allows merchants the ability to assess e-commerce transactions for fraudulent activity. Purchase protection provides the risk support toolset that allows for retailers to support their customers and implement new fraud protection solutions based on the knowledge gained from the fraud protection service.

  • Account Protection: Account protection is currently slated for general availability in July 2020. Microsoft has built out the already existing account protection functionality in the fraud protection environment. This ensures that only the customer is authorized to make purchases on their account and that their legitimate purchases aren't mislabeled as fraudulent. The new features focus on two types of account lifecycle events: account creation and account login. 

  • Loss Prevention: Loss prevention is currently slated for general availability in July 2020. This will empower retailers to combat fraud associated with returns, improper discounts, merchandise mishandling, and inventory turn-over within their brick and mortar stores.

More in D365 2020 Wave 1

Microsoft is starting to rolling out new features in 2020 wave 1. The functionality adds more capabilities across the Microsoft business process applications to increase productivity, enhance the user experience, and boost return on investment. Learn more about the new functionality reviewed by Blue Horseshoe:

Embedded Web Apps - Microsoft is adding the ability to embed web apps into the Dynamics 365 for Finance user interface. This extends the capabilities of your IT infrastructure and provides greater continuity with Power Apps.

Planning Optimization - manage your master planning executions in Dynamics 365 with Planning Optimization. This provides planning of orders for raw materials, manufacturing orders, and capacity planning. It replaces the existing Master Planning night batch process. 

Nick Peter is an experienced Consulting Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the supply chain and retail industry. His skills in project management, solution design, and implementations enable him to help retailers optimize platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Microsoft Power Platform to meet their unique business needs.

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