Why RFID Tracking Expands Business Intelligence


RFID tracking has long been seen as the modernized warehouse management system since it can improve inventory accuracy by as much as 99.99%. Unlike traditional data collection avenues, RFID tracking strengthens the supply chain by accelerating data capture and preserving accuracy with fewer printed labels. While the first wave of RFID struggled due to high per-label costs and lack of connectivity, improvements in manufacturing and cloud-forward analytics platforms like Zebra’s Savanna make this an attractive option for the modern supply chain.


Warehouse managers and supply chain leaders can use this tagged data to expand business intelligence by:

  • Providing detailed insight into a specific product, condition, movement, and quantity with one scan
  • Pinpointing location in real-time to avoid misplacements and shipment delays
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks and obstacles in the supply chain before they impair productivity
  • Diminishing chargeback costs with dependable order verification at the loading dock
  • Transforming noticeable inventory patterns into actionable insights
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To proactively meet increasing customer demands, warehouse operations need solutions that adapt to changing business requirements, are easy to use, and offer unmatched inventory visibility. Cloud-based software such as Zebra’s Savanna simplifies deployment by eliminating on-premise servers & data storage requirements, enhancing real-time connectivity, and reducing material investment.

Zebra’s cloud-based RFID equipment helps streamline operations with:

  • Pre-installed Android OS for dependable data security, seamless onboarding, and shorter training times

  • Cloud-connected RFID readers and antennae for a precise and accurate reading that is instantly surfaced in your applications

  • Easy-to-load RFID industrial printers with accelerated printing speeds and minimized set-up times.

  • Mobile RFID printers with automatic calibration for more uptime

  • Lower-cost customized RFID tags that preserve scanning accuracy for complex applications such as curved surfaces, dense materials, and metal

After device installation and label application, scanned data is easily transposed into your preferred business system for easy remote access through Savanna, eliminating the need for additional IT infrastructure while enabling connectivity amongst all parts of the supply chain.

Data Fuels Warehouse Operations

RFID tracking gives you access to accurate data faster. That data feeds real-time analytics giving you the power to transform the way you manage your warehouse operations and helps you chart a new course for operational efficiencies, product innovation, service delivery, and profitability. This happens because your data is in the cloud. With data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI, there’s never been an easier way to understand trends, patterns, and exceptions in your data.

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