RHD Tire, Inc. Partners with Blue Horseshoe


INDIANAPOLIS, IN - July 26, 2021 - RHD Tire, Inc. has partnered with Blue Horseshoe Solutions, a global software and services firm specializing in supply chain and logistics, to amplify inbound and outbound processes through its data and warehouse optimization initiatives.RHD Tire

Blue Horseshoe facilitated the improvement of RHD Tire’s labor and workflow, company growth and inventory.

Before Blue Horseshoe, RHD Tire was running on separate legacy financials and warehouse management systems (WMS) that were not integrated and required external help to manage. This led to the initiation of a partnership with Blue Horseshoe to undergo a project that would overcome barriers to scale business and gain greater data availability. Through this partnership, Blue Horseshoe’s solutions helped RHD Tire’s ability to consolidate routes company-wide by over 10%, with one location that even saw the number of routes reduced by 25%. Not only were savings seen with driver labor, but with vehicle expenses as well. Additionally, there was an annualized route-related savings of over $150,000 in vehicle expenses and $175,000 in labor.

“RHD Tire was in search of a partner that would be able to understand the complexities of the supply chain,” said Chris Pierce, chief financial officer at RHD Tire. “Blue Horseshoe acted as a strategic partner in guiding the overall supply chain strategy and efficiencies from the beginning. We were blown away by their team’s efforts in safely taking the RHD team live through in-person support, technically and functionally, in their warehouses during the project to implement these warehouse management systems.”

Lead times in opening new warehouse locations were significantly reduced through Blue Horseshoe’s aid in implementation, cutting down the process from two months to less than 20 hours. The solution played a key role in updating RHD Tire’s business processes through its configuration of NetSuite to pick inventory by Truck and Route, creating efficiency in the warehouse picking processes for truck drivers. This configuration also resulted in the reduction of missing inventory items, which was once a daily occurrence for RHD Tire.

The RHD project time lasted from September 2019 - August 2020. Although experiencing minor delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was able to proceed safely despite disruptions. During this project, legacy financials were migrated onto NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite WMS over the course of the implementation. The combination of using both NetSuite and Dell Boomi allowed for RHD Tire to have one centralized system to handle their internal system integrations with their Partner Network.

About Blue Horseshoe

At the intersection of data, processes, and people, Blue Horseshoe empowers business transformation where it counts. Blue Horseshoe is a cloud enterprise and supply chain solutions firm based in Carmel, IN. Blue Horseshoe is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner with services including system design and implementation, business intelligence and optimization, as well as distribution design and material handling equipment for companies in the Food & Beverage, CPG, Manufacturing, and Transportation industries.

Mike spent the last 24 years of his career connecting people with solutions that can change their business. He focuses on developing and expanding relationships in the Microsoft, NetSuite, and Boomi ecosystem by helping partners and customers find the right industry solutions. This problem-first approach helped Blue Horseshoe grow to become one of the leading supply chain partners.

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