Small Parcel Shipping in D365 2021 Wave 1 Release


Microsoft is including Small Parcel Shipping as part of their D365 2021 wave 1 release. With small parcel shipping (SPS), you can integrate Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management with parcel carriers to form a connected shipping and data experience.

Microsoft Licenses Small Parcel Shipping From Blue Horseshoe

In 2016, Blue Horseshoe developed Small Package Shipping to enable Microsoft Dynamics transportation and warehousing users to ship parcels from their ERP. The rating engine was the cornerstone of this added functionality. Users gained access to real-time shipping quotes and delivery estimates for shipping partners, eliminating the need to manually rate shop parcels or build and manage custom integrations with individual carriers. In addition to manifesting a parcel, users could configure:

  • Account assignment for allocating shipping charges to separate warehouses, business units, etc.
  • Third-party account numbers to allow shipping charges to be paid by someone other than the shipper or receiver
  • Printing a shipping label to a ZPL printer

Microsoft licensed Small Package Shipping from Blue Horseshoe in 2018 to provide a connected shipping experience for Dynamics 365 users.

What Does Microsoft’s Small Parcel Shipping Do?

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management users will soon have added functionality to sync package shipment data, including the tracking number and cost from shipment carriers to sales orders. New fields added within Dynamics 365 enable the ability to configure:

  • Carrier service accounts
  • Third-party account number per customer
  • Shipping label printing

Selecting the shipping carrier within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Compare shipping rates with built-in rate results.

Microsoft’s Small Parcel Shipping does not include a rating engine, or integration with parcel carriers to allow real-time shipping quotes for parcels within Dynamics 365.  

The “carrier rating engines are not included and must be acquired separately”. When SPS is generally available in April, customers who want to take full advantage of shipment details and rating capabilities within Dynamics 365 will need an integrated rating engine. 

Supply Chain Cloud – Ship: A Rating Engine Built for Dynamics 365 

Supply Chain Cloud – Ship, Blue Horseshoe’s cloud-based shipping app, is a seamless integration for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Ship advances the available SPS functionality by adding:

  • Real-time rate shopping from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Purolator  
  • Enhanced shipping options and accessorial services  
    • Account assignment 
    • Dimensional weight capture and optimization 
    • LTL shipping
    • Saturday delivery, delivery paid, third-party billing, and address correction 
  • Automated weight capture using your pack station scale, which removes steps and manual processes 

With Ship, you can leverage all the advantages made possible by the new release of SPS within Dynamics 365. 

Ship also directly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Commerce 

Ship for Business Central 

Ship for Commerce 

Questions about SPS or how to optimize your supply chain? 

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The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud provides end-to-end visibility for your supply by breaking down data silos. Thicloud-based software helps create profit-driven fulfillment plans, improve the invoice to cash cycle, and minimize freight costs. From interacting with suppliers and trading partners to connecting with material handling and voice enablement systems to final mile deliverySupply Chain Cloud keeps your operations moving. 

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