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Split Pick Work Line by Warehouse Picker

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

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How often do you, as warehouse pickers, come to a location that does not have the total quantity of an item that the work line is asking to be picked?

Currently when you have a work line calling for a certain quantity of an item, the you has only a few options when the location they are at does not have the quantity the work line is calling for. Unfortunately, none of those options allow you to pick what you can in order to keep going and maintain the same work header.

What is Split Pick?

With Split Pick, the you split off a quantity that you do not have onto another work line that is on the same header. Then you override the location on that work line to pick the remaining quantity. 


  • Keep all the work on the same work header
  • Easy to track work and maintain outbound work orders
  • Pick what is physically available without having to return to the same location
  • Split the work off in hopes of finding the inventory elsewhere
  • Boost picking efficiency
  • Enabled or disabled per menu item when needed


Split Pick functionality works similarly to the full functionality in an RF gun, but instead of splitting off the work onto another work header, it maintains the same work header. Imagine that a work line says that location ABC has widgets in it and is asking for a qty of 5. When you come to that location, you only see a qty of 4 widgets. With Split Pick, you split off 4 from the original work line, create a new work line for qty of 1, and then proceed to complete the work for the qty of 4 widgets.

Once finished, you come to the new work line of widgets for qty 1. You now have the option to override the location and go pick that qty there or skip the line if there is no more qty in the warehouse.

This new functionality fits right into the functionality that already exists like Full, Skip, Cancel, and Short Pick. It provides another option for you to efficiently execute a work header.

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