Microsoft Adds Supply Chain Functionality to Dynamics 365


For the second time in five years, Microsoft is adding Blue Horseshoe’s supply chain functionality to their enterprise platform. Through this licensing agreement, advanced warehousing and transportation management functionality will be available in future releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This agreement also includes licensing solutions that support retail packing, shipping, as well as material handling.

“Businesses, especially those with complex supply chains, are demanding end-to-end integration of their entire enterprise without sacrificing logistics and distribution operations,” explains Chris Cason, CEO at Blue Horseshoe. “The solutions Microsoft is licensing from Blue Horseshoe helps them meet the unique requirements of the consumer packaged goods (CPG), food & beverage, retail, and distribution & logistics industries."

Supply Chain Functionality

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll see in future releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

  • Put-to-wall operations and put-to-store flow for retailers
  • True catch weight distribution
  • Efficient receive and sort for inbound operations
  • High volume replenishment planning
  • Master pallet packing for nesting containers
  • Support for physical dimensions at the product variant level
  • Carrier selection assignment during the wave

Supply Chain Applications

Microsoft is working through the release timeline, but until then companies will be able to license directly through Blue Horseshoe. These applications include:

  • Advanced Transportation (Advanced TRAX)
  • Advanced Warehousing (Advanced WAX)
  • Material Handling Integration
  • Retail Pack & Ship
  • Small Package Shipping

This agreement comes as Blue Horseshoe continues to develop and enhance applications that use enterprise data to manage their supply chain. This includes existing supply-chain applications that are part of the organization’s Global Logistics Platform. These applications include:

  • AXLE – for freight & vehicle management
  • ECO – trading partner collaboration portal
  • Global Order Promising – order orchestration
  • Value Added Billing – activity-based billing
  • Voice Enablement – voice integration
  • Work BI – workforce gamification

“More businesses are embracing applications that live in the cloud,” says Blue Horseshoe’s Chief Technology Officer John Foster. “We’re continuing to develop cloud-based supply chain focused business applications that really extend a company’s core business data to better manage logistics.”

Mike spent the last 24 years of his career connecting people with solutions that can change their business. He focuses on developing and expanding relationships in the Microsoft, NetSuite, and Boomi ecosystem by helping partners and customers find the right industry solutions. This problem-first approach helped Blue Horseshoe grow to become one of the leading supply chain partners.

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