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Topic: Equipment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Guides Equipment

New D365 Warehouse Management Mobile App

Microsoft has redesigned its Warehouse Management mobile app with a focus on improving the user experience. As part of the D365 2021 wave 1 release, the new mobile app features a more...

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Warehouse Operations Equipment

Why RFID Tracking Expands Business Intelligence

RFID tracking has long been seen as the modernized warehouse management system since it can improve inventory accuracy by as much as 99.99%. Unlike traditional data collection avenues,...

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Warehouse Blue Horseshoe News Equipment

Blue Horseshoe Partners with Zebra Technologies

Meeting the needs of today’s on-demand economy requires better efficiency, more productivity, and increased accuracy in every business process. That’s why Blue Horseshoe is teaming up...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations Equipment

Voice Directed Systems

Voice Directed Systems have the potential to transform your warehouse or distribution center. This hands-free technology audibly directs warehouse team members through a workflow. These...

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Manufacturing IT Equipment

IT and OT Converge: Are You Prepared?

IT and Operational Technology (OT) have long been separate. IT focuses on technology support for the back office, OT focused on machinery, equipment, tools, and assets. With big data,...

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Blue Horseshoe News Operations Equipment

Blue Horseshoe Launches Voice Enablement at Kruitbosch

CARMEL, IN and ZWOLLE, NL – Kruitbosch, a major wholesaler of bicycles and bicycle accessories in the Netherlands, has announced it is launching the Warehouse Voice Enablement solution...

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Warehouse Operations Equipment

Configuring an RF Gun to work on a new Wifi Network

You have purchased RF guns and are ready to access your data from anywhere. However, you realize that the RF gun is not configured to your Wifi connection. Here are the steps to...

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