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Topic: Warehouse

Warehouse Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blue Horseshoe News

Blue Horseshoe Enters Solution Licensing Agreement with Microsoft

Technology will enhance advanced supply chain functionality in the Microsoft cloud enterprise platform

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Warehouse Events

Chris Elliott to Present at Operations Summit

Chris Elliott will be taking the stage at Operations Summit on April 5 to share his insights into how warehouse automation and technology will impact future warehouses. Presenting along...

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Supply Chain Warehouse Microsoft Dynamics 365

New Features Released in Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics 365

Blue Horseshoe announced the latest updates to Advanced Warehousing for AX (AWAX) as part of the Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics 365. These new features span everything from Demand Based...

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Warehouse Operations Equipment

Configuring an RF Gun to work on a new Wifi Network

You have purchased RF guns and are ready to access your data from anywhere. However, you realize that the RF gun is not configured to your Wifi connection. Here are the steps to...

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Warehouse Dynamics AX Operations

Split Pick Work Line by Warehouse Picker

How often do you, as warehouse pickers, come to a location that does not have the total quantity of an item that the work line is asking to be picked? Currently when you have a work line...

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Warehouse Dynamics AX Operations

How to Set Up a Multi-Step Receiving Process

Functionality in the Warehouse Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 makes it possible to have multi-step work processes.  During the receiving process, be aware that you...

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Warehouse Dynamics AX Operations

AX 2012 R3: New WHS Module and Deprecated WM2 Functionality

With the newest release of AX 2012 R3, you will notice the addition of significant functionality around the warehousing (WHS) and transportation (TMS) capabilities. The features are so...

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Supply Chain Warehouse Dynamics AX

Manhattan SCALE™: Supply Chain Built for Logistics Execution

Manhattan SCALE is a warehouse management system that gives you the features, functionality and technology you need to affordably solve your supply chain execution challenges. It allows...

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