Upgrading to D365 - Code Upgrade Recommendations


If you're using Microsoft Dynamics AX, you've probably made code changes so the ERP could match your business processes.

When upgrading to D365, there is a good chance that code customizations you had in AX are now part of D365 base or may be easily managed through the Microsoft Power Platform or an ISV.

If you do need to maintain custom code, this video outlines strategies, reviews tools that you can use, and provides practical recommendations for re-designing code including using Azure Dev Ops.

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Code Upgrade Takeaways

  • There are two strategies to upgrading your custom code; re-develop or re-design. Re-development involves tools to migrate existing code into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Redesigns include processing requirements and business processes into designs that solve requirements gaps. These are implemented through extension or other utilities.

  • Manage ISV customizations separately. That ISV code will change in the D365 extensions.

  • Based on Blue Horseshoe’s upgrade experiences, we recommend re-designing code. Re-designing includes gathering requirements, and performing fit-gap analysis against those requirements. Once you understand those gaps, determine how you will architect a solution. These solutions can include developing extensions, using an ISV, or the Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate.

  • Re-designing code gives you a more robust solution that doesn’t carry forward old mistakes. And it supports continuous updates. The process reuses fewer development artifacts and allows you to take advantage of new features.

  • Azure Dev Ops is a critical part of your implementation lifecycle. With Azure Dev Ops you can associate change sets with work items, use test modules and file bugs with test & feedback add-in, perform project-wide planning and assignments, and more.


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