Upgrading to D365 - Continuous Updates Implications


Continuous updates require a different testing approach that includes planning and role assignments. In this video, you learn about testing changes in D365, scheduling recommendations, benefits and challenges of continuous updates, and ideas for testing approach.

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Implications Takeaways

  • Continuous updates are Microsoft's plan for delivering constants improvements to D365. Microsoft is responsible for hosting D365, service level agreements, and updating the application with new features and bug fixes. There are eight service updates annually, with major releases in April and October.

  • Benefits to continuous updates include more frequent feature updates, increased system stability, highly predictable updates to support scheduling, and better service quality from Microsoft. Continuous updates present manageable testing challenges. There's a limited time to test, additional testing overhead, planning around updates, and building the skills to use the testing tools as well as additional environments.

  • Blue Horseshoe recommends a four-step framework to help ensure you have a solid testing approach. This test planning includes documenting business processes, building a testing plan, automating as many as tests as possible, and joining any early release programs.

  • Designate a testing manager for your testing team to ensure you're executing your plans and coordinating resources. Coordinate with the operations teams for patching downtime and publish the schedule. Be sure to work with your internal IT teams or partner to clarify work assignments and timelines for required bug fixes.


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Josh is a Solution Architect with a passion for guiding businesses through their D365 integration and upgrade journeys. His expertise in supply chain, solution design, ERPs, and data/analytics solutions allow him to establish road maps to meet unique business needs.

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