Upgrading to D365 - Data Conversion Recommendations


How do you get your data from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft D365?

In this video, you'll learn about the three different strategies to convert your data to D365 from the previous versions of Dynamics AX. We'll share information about the tools and applications that will help with the conversion.

You'll also learn about analytics-based data conversions and using Lifecycle Services for managing Dynamics projects.

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Data Conversion Takeaways

  • Tool based conversions work well if you are on a more recent version of Dynamics, have a relatively small database, and a limited number of customizations. Companies that have a large transaction volume and made customizations to their database schema may want to start their D365 upgrade with an analytics initiative. This initiative helps you cleanse your data and move segments of that data to an Azure data lake instead of D365.

  • Microsoft's data upgrade tools differ depending on which version of Dynamics you're upgrading from. These tools provide you with features that help you configure the migration, but it does not cleanse the data. Because it’s API driven, this can be a slow process.

  • An analytics-based conversion helps narrow the scope of the Dynamics conversion. Instead of migrating transactional data, this limits the scope to master and config data. Legacy transaction and master data are moved to an Azure data lake.

  • Lifecycle Services is an application for managing Dynamics projects. Its tools include a business process modeler, task recorder, and a methodology tool that walks you through the process.

  • For redeveloping, use Lifecycle Services to execute the code upgrade tool, administer environments, and manage your project lifecycle. For redesigning, use it to manage your project lifecycle, document your business processes, perform requirements analysis, submit issues to Microsoft, and administer your environments.  

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