Upgrading to D365 - Digital Transformation


Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers digital transformation. And this journey is unique to every business.

In this video, you'll learn how strategy, data, integrations, analytics, and applications each play a role in the digital transformation journey. We're sharing information about how Microsoft’s applications such as D365, Microsoft analytics tools, the Power Platform, and ISV solutions available on Microsoft App Source help empower your business.

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D365 Upgrade Digital Transformation Takeaways

  • Digital transformation isn't just an arbitrary upgrade or best of class software pursuit. Think of it as an enablement process that drives your organization's business strategy. This strategy defines the decisions you make about data, integrations, analytics, and applications. And Microsoft has the tools to support this journey.

  • Dynamics 365 is about doing. This is where you manage different aspects of your business. Examples include D365 Finance, D365 Operations, and D365 Supply Chain. The more you know, the more you need to do for your customers or internal operations.

  • Office 365 is about sharing. Simply and securely sharing information with your internal teams and your customers with Office 365. This could be as straightforward as sending an email or adding more complexity with Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Azure is about knowing. With it’s deep learning, advanced analytics, and IoT, Azure provides the information for sharing or operating.

  • The common application platform includes Power Apps, Power Automate, and the Common Data Model. These enable you to interface between these Dynamics applications, create customizations, and provide for workflows that are built outside of Dynamics.

  • Microsoft App Source offerings are tools available from partners that help accelerate the rate you're taking advantage of these applications.

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Josh is a Solution Architect with a passion for guiding businesses through their D365 integration and upgrade journeys. His expertise in supply chain, solution design, ERPs, and data/analytics solutions allow him to establish road maps to meet unique business needs.

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