Upgrading to D365 - Timelines


Considering an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365? We've created a video series that breaks down critical aspects of the upgrade process and what you may need to consider as you lay out your strategy and plan. 

In this video, we're sharing information about how the end of support timeline could impact your implementation strategies. This includes explaining the difference between an update and an upgrade, providing recommendations on planning your project timeline, and outlining the benefits of starting with an analytics project that focuses on building a smarter data infrastructure.

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D365 Upgrade Timeline Takeaways

  • Think of the Dynamics 365 implementation project as a new initiative. There’s no wizard or a magic bullet when it comes to upgrading to Microsoft D365. While tools and resources support the process, it’s a fundamentally new application with significant architectural differences.

  • Extended support for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 service pack 1, AX 2021 release to market, and R2, end on October 12, 2021. Extended support for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2021 R3 ends January 2023. Based on Blue Horseshoe’s experience, we find the typical D365 implementation project takes approximately 12 months.

  • Starting with an analytics project helps facilitate any ERP upgrade and gives your organization a strategic advantage. This type of project focuses on converting data from your legacy systems into a centralized data infrastructure. The benefits include data cleansing and reporting continuity over the course of your Dynamics 365 upgrade.

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure. There’s a native data sync to the data lake as well as the ability to pin back Microsoft Power BI dashboards into your ERP.

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Josh is a Solution Architect with a passion for guiding businesses through their D365 integration and upgrade journeys. His expertise in supply chain, solution design, ERPs, and data/analytics solutions allow him to establish road maps to meet unique business needs.

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