Voice Directed Systems


Voice Directed Systems have the potential to transform your warehouse or distribution center. This hands-free technology audibly directs warehouse team members through a workflow. These workflows can include product put-away, order picking, as well as inventory management processes. And voice directed systems allow your team to do their jobs with greater accuracy and safety.


Voice Directed Systems include a headset, wearable mobile device, and integrates with your warehouse management system. Once limited to large operations, this technology is now becoming more affordable to more businesses thanks to the use of rugged mobile devices.

Operations Review

Look at your processes from receiving to shipping. This review will help you get a good idea of how and where a voice directed system will benefit your operations.

Assess Voice Directed Systems

Durability, ability to fit within existing systems, ease of use, and price are key considerations when evaluating voice directed systems. Don’t forget to ask for a demo.


Understand how the Voice Directed System will integrate with your existing applications. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Blue Horseshoe offers an app to connect voice with D365 F&O.


Payback Analysis

Look at the return on investment. Make sure to include expenses associated with implementation, integrations, and ongoing maintenance into your analysis.

Voice Directed Systems Efficiencies

Using a voice directed system in order fulfillment has been shown to dramatically improve inventory accuracy. Organizations that have implemented a voice directed system have reported a 12% - 40% uptick in productivity.

Voice directed systems have other applications in the warehouse beyond picking including quality control, cycle counts, shipping, and returns management.

Voice also greatly reduces on boarding time for new employees. By providing audible instructions, Voice eliminates the need to lengthy training and instead is coaching new employees through each step in the process. This is beneficial for companies that must quickly ramp up warehouse staff to service peak seasons.


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