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Wholesalers are Boosting Visibility and Efficiency with D365

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Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy
Steve Shebuski, VP of Digital Strategy

Guiding businesses through their digital transformation journey


When talking with wholesale companies, I try to help them focus on everyday activities that can create a competitive advantage for their business. Then we identify where business value intersects with solution capabilities and create an environment that allows D365FO to solve problems and drive value. Along with process automation and business connectivity, one of the common areas I find businesses need help with, is effectively share data throughout their entire business securely and quickly.

Sharing Data Across Your Network

Wholesalers have multiple touchpoints within their supply chain ecosystem. Sometimes this process can turn into a shell game, with wholesalers struggling to get information to and from suppliers, customers, and carriers when they need it. Waiting on information from one side can delay the entire process.

Cloud data is the real game changer within this trading partner ecosystem. D365 cloud data extensibility creates opportunities to have more information with fewer human touchpoints.

One way to share information with your supplier network is to create a secure portal that surfaces all interactions within your supply chain and trading partner process. You and your trading partners gain end-to-end visibility with each other, including order status and more. These interactions and the data collected are configurable and vary by the relationship with the trading partner.

What Does the Wholesaler Get?

  • A portal that allows their customer to self-service
  • A way to interact with suppliers at the right time with the right information
  • A more efficient procure-to-pay cycle
  • Completely informed partners

Using D365FO data, you can track, monitor, and manage vendor performance. This level of insight and collaboration helps you anticipate supply chain disruptions and create appropriate contingencies. The result: You have more visibility and understanding of your supply chain, while providing better information and value for your trading partners.

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