Setting Up Workflow Email Alerts in Dynamics AX 2012


In your fast paced work environment, it's easy to forget to check up on workflow-related events. Dynamics AX 2012 allows you to set up email alerts so you always see what documents are ready for approval and what workflow-related processes have been complete.

Setting Up Email Alerts

  1. Setup an email address for any user who will receive the alerts and enable workflow email alerts for that user
    1. System Administration -> Common -> Users
    2. Highlight the user and click Options.  Enter the users E-mail address.
    3. On the left side click ‘Notifications’ and then check the box next to ‘Send notifications in email’.
  2. Configure AX E-mail Parameters to use the SMTP server
    1. System Administration -> Setup -> System -> E-mail Parameters
    2. Enter the appropriate information specific to your mail server.
  3. Create an email template
    1. Organization Administration -> Setup -> E-mail Templates
    2. Check the ‘Show system e-mails’ box. This must be done before setting up the template.  If the template is not setup as a system e-mail then it will not be available later when we assign it to a workflow.
  4. Assign your email template to the specific workflow
    1. Open the workflow, select Basic Settings and choose your workflow template
  5. Setup the appropriate notifications on the specific task/control/approval
  6. Setup the batch job to distribute the email messages
    1. System Administration -> Periodic -> E-mail Processing -> Batch
    2. If you want the emails to send out on a regular schedule then make sure you select the batch processing box and adjust the recurrence to reflect that schedule.
  7. Monitor e-mail sending status
    1. System Administration -> Periodic -> E-mail Processing -> E-mail Sending Status
    2. You will see pending/failed messages in the grid if you have any available to view.  The check box at the top will include successfully sent out messages as well as the pending/failed.

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As Vice President of Digital Transformation at Blue Horseshoe, Steve Shebuski guides businesses through their digital transformation journey. Steve has 20+ years of experience as a Program Manager/Design Lead/Project Manager implementing both Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 as well as tier I and tier II warehouse management and transportation software solutions. Steve's deep knowledge within the distribution industry and his innovative approach to solution architecture are the backbone of the solution implementation and deployment by Blue Horseshoe.

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