How to Set up Workflow Email Alerts in D365


Workflows are a great tool that helps you automate both simple and complex business processes or tasks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Think of it. Instead of navigating through D365 to determine what needs to happen, a notification hits your email inbox letting you know you have an action item.  

Workflows provide you and your team with consistent processes and help ensure action items don’t sit waiting to be noticed.  

One of the most popular workflows is document approval. This D365 workflow sends an email notification that hits your inbox when something needs to be reviewed and submitted for approval.  

By creating a workflow, you’ll get a consistent process, save time, and make sure the work gets done. 

Creating Workflow Email Alerts in D365

  1. Set up an email address for any user who will receive the alerts and enable workflow email alerts for that user 
    • System Administration -> Users -> Users  
    • Highlight and click on the user, if no email is attached, enter the user's E-mail address
    • On the ribbon, click ‘User Options’ 
    • On the left side, click ‘Workflow’ and set ‘Send notifications in email’ to Yes 
  2. Configure E-mail Parameters to use the SMTP server
    • System Administration -> Set up -> E-mail -> E-mail Parameters 
    • On the left side, click ‘SMTP settings’ 
    • Enter the appropriate information specific to your mail server. You may need to contact your IT department 
  3. Create an email template or email messages
    • Templates and messages are different, and the use case depends on the workflow. The user can not select which to use, it is predetermined. A template is company-specific, which means it will have to be configured for each legal entity.  
      • To create a template, follow the path: Organization Administration -> Setup -> E-mail Templates
    • An email message is organization-wide, which means it is global and only needs to be configured once.  
      • To create one follow the path: b. System Administration -> Setup -> E-mail -> E-mail Messages 
  4. Assign your email template to the specific workflow 
    • Open the workflow, select Basic Settings, and select your workflow template in the dropdown menu 
  5. Set up the appropriate notifications on the specific task/control/approval
  6. Set up the batch job to distribute the email messages 
    • System Administration -> Periodic Tasks -> E-mail Processing -> Batch. NOTE - If you want the emails sent on a regular schedule, make sure under ‘Recurrence’ to adjust the recurrence to reflect the schedule you want.   
  7. Monitor e-mail sending status
    • System Administration -> Periodic Tasks -> E-mail Processing -> E-mail Sending Status 

At the top, you will see the successfully sent messages, as well as those pending/failed. 

Automate tasks in Microsoft Dynamics 

Workflows help you take manual tasks to a standardized, repeatable process that helps you make sure approvals don’t get delayed or slip through the cracks. You’ll have greater consistency in process management as well as create continuity between how individuals manage tasks and timelines.  


As Vice President of Digital Transformation at Blue Horseshoe, Steve Shebuski guides businesses through their digital transformation journey. Steve has 20+ years of experience as a Program Manager/Design Lead/Project Manager implementing both Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 as well as tier I and tier II warehouse management and transportation software solutions. Steve's deep knowledge within the distribution industry and his innovative approach to solution architecture are the backbone of the solution implementation and deployment by Blue Horseshoe.

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